The Purpose of Building a Microbial Cultivation Biotechnology Factory

Outline of Biotechnology Factory Establish Process

by Micro-Giant BioEngeering 2008.07.28

  1. Decide Producing Items, Annual Production.
  2. Fermentor Technics Procedure Planning -> Manufacturing Process (P & ID)
  3. Investment Budgetary Estimate (Refer to recover all investment and ROI to adjust budget)
  4. Market Analysis – Price, Competitor, Marketing Mode
  5. Tentative Selling Price – Deliberating Cost of Overheads (raw materials, processing charges, energy-consuming, HR cost, equipment depreciate amortization…) and Expected Value.
  6. Factory Location (Considering raw materials, transportation of products, human resources, evaluation of environment, wind direction, electricity, water supply)
  7. Factory and Production Line Planning (Depend on annual production expansion in the future 3~5 years deliberating the quantity demanded for market analysis.) Be careful with personnel flow and material flow route also prevents contamination.
  8. Bacteria Getting: resource, conservation, improvement. (Take note of selection and domestication.) Prevent variation, aging and inactivate.
  9. Manufacturing Process Staff Arrangement: Manufacturing Process Human Resource Organization(RD、operation staff、engineer and equipment engineer) and Article Administer Method.
  10. Marketing Sales Arrangement: sales, dealer, promote base, marketing net establishment
  11. Administrative staff, Accountants, Officers and Executives Arrangement
  12. Laboratory Planning ( Including RD, manufacturing process improvement and QC—activity and qualitative,  quantitative analysis of microbial mass)
  13. Biotechnology Factory  raw material pre-processing area( culture medium formula) and Equipment
  14. Bacteria Scale Up Cultivation and Fermentation Area and Equipment.
  15. Backend Process Procedure (purify, separate, desiccate, condense, extract, repackage) Area andEquipment
  16. Central Security Operation Office
  17. Warehouse Equipments (Including raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and packaging)
  18. Public Utility (electric power, PCW— city water: soft water or pure water, manufacturing process equipment water: ice water or normal temp. water, vapor, compressed air, special gases like O2, CO2, N, NH3)
  19. Exhaust Gas and Exhaust Liquid Handling
  20. Manufacturing Process Energy Reuse and Recycle
  21. Deduction of Investment Cost of Government Subsidy
  22. Product Authentication

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