Low Temperature Drying Concentration Equipment (BioDryer Series)
Total Volume200L500L1,000L2,000L3,000L5,000L

Working Volume
(about 65%)


Draining Speed
(Calculate by Water)

Powder to Liquid Ratio(1:1)70kg:70kg175kg:175kg350kg:350kg700kg:700kg1 ton:1 ton1.75 ton:1.75 ton


1. The test data is based on city water inside and the condenser of exhaust pipe needs to provide chilling waterbelow 6℃ as cooling source.

The actual drying efficiency is about 50%~80%, depends on the characteristic of the material.

2. The material character effects a lot to the drying temperature which is between 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.

Some of powder material can’t operate between the interval.


  • High-speed mixing Can mix more than two kinds of powder(also break big conglomeration).
  • Inoculation Continuous or intermittent. Use large flow spray to spurt the bacterial liquid into the powder even.(The nebulization is adaptable.)(Can collocate mobile vaccinate tank, for bacteria refrigeration, homogeneous-cut off hypha or mix complex bacteria.) Bacterial and liquid weight proportion can reach 1:2.
  • Vacuum Drying Concentration 40 Torr High vacuum drying up to 45℃ (or under 15 Torr super high.vacuum drying down to 30℃.) Dry to under 8% moisture rate.
  • Unit Volume Maximum Capacity The process Capacity is 15~20 times better than tranditional granulating machine or spray dryer.

Patent License: Taiwan M289194

Patent License: China ZL 2006 2 0000487.4

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