Pilot-scale production-grade culture device (Polygerm A series)

Pilot plant culture device (Polygerm A series) - Automatic control of cell/microbial cultivation equipment 

30L ~ 300L for Bioreactor / Fermenter (SIP system)

Polygerm A series features

Humanized 3D graphic HMI, automatic operation to do vessel and medium sterilization in place and stable and auto-control of various culture conditions. It is widely and flexibly applied from experimental amplification to production conditions, suitable for all types of stirring suspension culture microorganisms.

  • A variety of open parameter settings, more accurate setting of suitable culture modes and conditions, effective implementation of high-density culture or secondary metabolism induction.
  • Powerful touch screen 15" HMI, full-color graphic control visual intuitive control interface.
  • Equipped with a USB external port, can easily download real-time records, alarms or upload historical records for online real-time comparison.
  • Stable and reliable aseptic tank tubing for validation, zero pollution and stable and reproducible validation of the culture target.
  • Diversified cultivation methods: batches, feeding batches, semi-continuous, continuous.
  • A variety of ventilation strategies are suitable for: aerobic, anaerobic and micro-anaerobic cultivation of microorganisms.
  • Cultivation target: microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae and relative primary or secondary metabolites.


Pilot plant SIP system (Polygerm A series)


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