Solid State Culture Equipment (mechanical agitation)

Solid state fermentation culture device
(Automatic Sterilization-in-Place)

Nominal volume200L ~ 5,000 L (can be cumtomized)
Working volumeAbove 60% of nominal volume.
Sterilization methodSimple in situ sterilization 121 ° C high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization or automatically。
Design pressure and Materialinside tank 0 / 2kg/cm2 (SUS316), jacket 3kg/cm2 (SUS304)
Function and process flowFeeding -> the digester Chief sterilization -> Spawning -> fermentation culture -> discharge

Product Features

( fermentor, fermenter, cell culture, cellculture, bioreactor, bioreacter, solid state fermentation, liquid state fermentation, sterile equipment )

  • Fast Hunban two or more powder formulations mixed (both crushing large pieces clumps effects).
  • Cooking / sterilization Sanitary design concept, can be heat up to 121 ~ 123 ℃ (SIP), and reduce the number of bacteria or kill the excipients (solid carrier) on the eggs or spores.
  • Inoculation can be continuous or intermittent, large flow nozzle mist (atomization state adjustable) broth powder sprayed evenly mixed. (Can be used with mobile vaccination slots for bacterial refrigerated the homogeneous - truncated hyphae or mixed complex bacteria.) Inoculation (liquid) ratio of 1:10 to 1:3 (The higher the ratio of mixed bacteria doubles as a concentrated use).
  • Train a large number of solid-state fermentation with auto wet, temperature control and automatically turning mixing (governor or intermittent), default computer program for solid-state industrial grade

Model Patent No. M289194

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