About Us

Micro-Giant BioEngineering

Professional microbial culture engineering manufacturer in Taiwan. Design and manufacture of Bio-clean equipment in the up- and downstream. Provide complete system planning integration and solution by experiment, quantity production, industry quantization and back-end processing equipment and technique.


Since 2019

微聚 Micro Giant BioEngineering

Corporate Headquarters settled in Taichung Software Park

Since 2017

微聚 Micro Giant BioEngineering

Established the Factory I in Changhua, Taiwan

Since 2005

微聚 Micro Giant BioEngineering
Integrated and expanded biotechnology department officially in 2005, established Micro-Giant BioEngineering(Paid-in Capital NT$twenty-five million) for international marketing and manufacture.

Mainly engaged in microbial culture project, design and manufacture of Bio-clean equipment,integration and solution in up-and downstream.

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