Factory cultivation equipment (Polygerm B series)(500L~20kL)


Factory cultivation device (Polygerm B series) - Automatic Control of Cell / Microorganism Culture Equipment

500L ~ 50kL Bioreactor


Factory cultivation equipment

(Polygerm B series)



  • Various of open parameter settings
  • 15” large screen, intuitive control interface
  • Equipped with a USB external port
  • Stable and reliable aseptic  vessel
  • Diversified cultivation methods
  • A variety of ventilation strategies
  • No dead -angle design
  • Three/quadruple dosing feeding tank group, with automatic medicating diaphragm valve group, easier to operate
  • Vessel surface treatment properly
  • Convenient operations
  • High durability, easy maintenance
  • All stainless steel combined operation rack

Cultivation Target

  • microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, animal  cells, plant cells, insect cells and relative primary or secondary metabolites.

Quality Inspection Guarantee

The pressure vessel has passed the industrial inspection. The safety is guaranteed.

- ASME U stamp ( USA, Canada, Japan )
- CNS9788 ( Taiwan )
- GB ( China )

CNS9788 ( Taiwan )

GB ( China )

ASME U Stamp ( USA, Canada, Japan )

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