Project Sales Performance Items

Culture Project or Factory Integration Item:

  1. Biological(Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus thuringiensis)liquid ferment factory integration
  2. Biological(Bacillus thuringiensis)biotechnology experiment
  3. Sludge decompose oil fungus fermentation equipment
  4. Caterpillar fungus, Glossy ganoderma(fungus)liquid ferment              
  5. Mushroom(fungus)liquid seed culture equipment(airlift)
  6. Lysine hcl culture automatic control system(development manufacture 2-way)
  7. Zooblast (Triplet)culture procedure automatic control system
  8. Animal feed enzyme (saccharomycete) factory integration
  9. Nattokinase(Bacillus Natto)experiment factory integration
  10. Algae cell experiment factory integration
  11. WFI installation (inject liquid non-fungus preserve interation)
  12. Water-wash enzyme(cellulase)solid ferment installation
  13. Hypha mask(Acetic Acid Fungus ) inoculation equipment
  14. Monascus purpureus liquid seed & solid ferment(agitate)
  15. Enzyme for animal(saccharomycete)biotechnology factory
  16. Lactic acid bacteria powder(Lactic acid bacteria)culture biotechnology factory
  17. Trehalose(Escherichia coli product)microorganism culture invent installation
  18. Microbial Production of Hydrogen (Clostridium sp.)continuous anaerobic culture  & feed installation
  19. Organism surfactant(Pseudomonas aeruginosa) culture installation
  20. Plant organization culture-airlift organism reactor 
  21. Plant rhizome culture- spray organism reactor 
  22. Acetobacter organism reactor(airlift)
  23. Bioethanol(saccharomycete+enzyme)-ferment & hydrolysis installation
  24. Mobile Continuous Fin-tube Sterilization Machine (121℃)
  25. Mobile Continuous ferment vent low temperature(40~60℃)vacuum condense installation
  26. Enzyme(Aspergillus)solid ferment factory integration
  27. Animal cell culture installation(CHO cell)
  28. PHA organism dissoluble plastics experiment factory integration
  29. Animal vaccine factory homogenize,filling temporary and keeping equipment
  30. Taiwanofungus camphoratus(fungus) liquid state culture and sterile automatic inculate plate solid state fermentation
  31. Manihot esculenta dregs(saccharomycete+enzyme)single cell protein(SCP)factory integration
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