Medicine / biomedical materials
Vaccine, animal amd humanIndustry : VaccineMicrobial technology :Virus strain vaccine: Produced by mammalian cell culture to produce virus strains, which are inactivated vaccines. (e.g., influenza vaccine, rotavirus vaccine, polio vaccine, smallpox vaccine, hepatitis vaccine, rubella vaccine, varicella vaccine)mRNA vaccine: Extract viral DNA, inject viral plasmids into E. coli, cultivate and amplify E. coli, extract plasmids for purification, and convert viral DNA into mRNA.Well-known industry references :Teh Seng Pharmaceutical MFG. Co., Ltd.Hyei Yon Tech Co., Ltd.Bio-Jourdeness international group Co., Ltd.United BioPharma, Inc. Panlabs Taiwan, Ltd.CCSB Holding Co., Ltd.Innocreate Bioscience Co., Ltd.Spiregene Biotech Co., Ltd.Genovior Biotech CorporationWonder Vax Company Limited<All rights reserved. Do not copy or quote with authorization.>
Biomedical materials
Biomedical MaterialsIndustry : urn and scald patch, biological compressMicrobial technology :<All rights reserved. Do not copy or quote with authorization.>
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