Alternative energy
Alternative Energy
Alternative EnergyIndustry : Alternative Energy, New Energy - Organism hydrogen-producing (Fuel cell), biomass alcohol(ethanol), BiodieselMicrobial technology :Organism hydrogen-producing: Organism anaerobic digestion process(degradation), Fermentation with sludgeBiomass alcohol: Use molecular biotechnology to transform yeast. Use agricultural wastes and enzymes to convert lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose into Pentose and Hexose, and then use yeast fermentation to produce ethanolBiofuel: Algae convert carbon dioxide into its own biomass to fix carbon, then through the induction reaction, the carbon material of the algae is converted into oil. Finally, refining and processing to make biodiesel.Biofuel Propane: Cultivation of Escherichia coli and invertase to convert fatty acids into propane.Well-known industry references :Institute of Nuclear Energy ResearchDepartment of Environmental Engineering ,NCKUGreen Energy Technology and Biotechnology Industry Development Research Center ,FCU<All rights reserved. Do not copy or quote with authorization.>
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