POLYGERM gassing strategy optional instruction

POLYGERM Gassing Strategy Optional Instruction

1. Air single loop (Air loop) one outlet

MFC can be optional

2. O2 Enrichment device secondary circuit (Air / O2) one outlet

MFC can be optional

3. Gas Flow Ratio Control (GFRC) secondary circuit (Air/O2) one outlet

The DO control can be adjusted to keep, e.g. the total flow rate or the ratio of air to oxygen constant

4. Four Gas Control 4 circuits (Air/O2/N2/CO2) two outlets ( upper / lower )

MFC can be optional

5. The Advanced added via flow path six loops ( upper Air / GAS, a lower Air / O2 / N2 / CO2) 

two outlet ( upper / lower portion )

Advanced Additive Flow – Two (2) gas outlets

MFC can be optional

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