POLYCEL optional purchase instructions

POLYCEL Optional Purchase Instruction

1. Controller Choices

Placement Style


Control Sets
one to one

One to two

(Expandable in the future)

Control Interface

Touch screen HMI 10.4"

Windows Tablet 10.5"

Tablet 10" + Siemens WinCC Audit

(Comply with 21 CFR Part11)

Siemens touch screen HMI 7"

(Comply with 21 CFR Part11)

2. Vessel Choices

Single-wall hollow bottom plate

Double stainless steel jacket

Double glass jacket

3. Types of Heating

Heating plate

Heating belt

External heating and cooling water bath

(Indirect heating and cooling)

4. Sparger Type of Aeration

Ring sparger

Micro sparger

5. Types of Impellers

Flat blade disk turbine

45° Flat blade disk turbine

Curved blade disk turbine

Pitched blade turbine

Curved blade turbine

Marine propeller

Large pitch blade impeller


3 segment blade impeller

Gate with burbine

Max blend

Helical Ribbon

6. Gassing Strategy

6.1 Air single loop (Air loop) one outlet

MFC can be optional

6.2 O2 Enrichment device secondary circuit (Air / O2) one outlet

MFC can be optional

6.3 Gas Flow Ratio Control (GFRC) secondary circuit (Air/O2) one outlet

The DO control can be adjusted to keep, e.g. the total flow rate or the ratio of air to oxygen constant

6.4 Four Gas Control 4 circuits (Air/O2/N2/CO2) two outlets ( upper / lower )

MFC can be optional

6.5 The Advanced added via flow path six loops ( upper Air / GAS, a lower Air / O2 / N2 / CO2) 

two outlet ( upper / lower portion )

Advanced Additive Flow – Two (2) gas outlets

MFC can be optional

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