Patent and Professional Certificate
▲Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
▲First Class Pressure Vessels Personnel
▲Crane Operation-Overhead travelling crane with remote control
▲Class C welding operator Certified Technician
▲Occupational safety and health affair managers
▲Occupational safety and health affair managers
▲CE Certificate of Machinery Directive
▲Gas stripping declining raw culture slot structure improved
▲Sampling valve structure of microbial culture groove
▲The microbial cultures tank chassis structure improvement
▲The microbial culture tank stirred flow Wings structure improvement
▲The silt agent inoculated dried and concentrated device improved
▲Online fin tube sterilization machine and fin tube structure
▲Exhaust low temperature and concentrated under reduced pressure device
▲The silt agent inoculation dried and concentrated device(China)
▲Microbial culture tank stirred flow wing structure improvement in China
▲Slot chassis structure of the microbial culture (China)
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