Stainless steel chemical composition of Health and characteristics

The chemical and characterisitic of stainless steel

Stainless steel pipe because of its ingredients it has the characteristics of anti-corrosion resistance in this chapter to explore and understand the ingredients on the characteristics of stainless steel stainless steel sanitary steel pipe components, to facilitate the public to understand the differences between the various materials Source of the chemical composition of the basis of the ROC.standard CNS.

Types of stainless steel with the composition:
A main component of stainless steel such as iron, the rest for the different proportions of the metal and carbon components, among which chromium (Cr)-largest modulated into a stainless steel according to different proportions of about 180 in the market, this emphasis on Austeniticstainless steel tube to explore the project to 304,304 L, 316,316 L, such stainless steel is the most common market, material stability, non-toxic, acid-alkali-resistant, non-magnetic, the community awareness stainless mostly such.

Types of symbolsCSiMnPSNiCrMo
304 TBS0.08↓1.00↓2.00↓0.045↓0.030↓8.00-10.5018.00-20.00-
304L TBS0.030↓1.00↓2.00↓0.045↓0.030↓9.00-13.0018.00-20.00-
316 TBS0.08↓3.5L1.00↓2.00↓0.045↓10.00-14.0016.00-18.002.00-3.00
316L TBS0.030↓1.00↓2.00↓0.045↓0.030↓12.00-15.0016.00-18.002.00-3.00
Type of metalCharacteristic
Chromium(Cr)Significantly increase the electrode potential of the steel base, improve the corrosion resistance of the anti-telephony, but not a linear relationship, chromium must be accounted for 12% party allows change in electrode potential. The chrome and steel alloy composition can be formed in the outer layer the densification of Cr2O3, to protect the interior from oxidation at room temperature, a sufficient amount of Cr-Ni-base steel can be obtained at room temperature with a single phase of ferrite or the single-phase austenite.
Nickel(Ni)304 containing 8% Ni, and 316 containing 10% nickel component will be more durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel, the place pollution or pharmaceutical constant contact, multi 316L as the material.
Carbon(C)Carbon steel enhancements can be, but conversely the deterioration of mechanical degrees, will enable the stainless steel can be heat-treated low-carbon, also can make steel more corrosion.
Molybdenum(Mo)Add molybdenum its special structure, it with resistance to chloride corrosion, can be used for high salt, beach or chemical the easy government food environment.

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