Electrolytic polished stainless steel

Electrolytic polished stainless steel 

(Electro Polishing for Stainless Steel - EP)

Micro-giant BioEngineering 2009.06.19

Stainless steel workpieces as the anode, is immersed in a special electrolyte energized, the workpiece surface is electrolyzed to obtain a smooth glossy surface, this method is called electrolytic polishing (Electro Polishing - EP) or electrochemical polishing (Electrochemical Polishing) orelectrolytic polishing (Electrolyte Polishing)

1. With mechanical polishing comparison:

ProjectMechanical polishingElectrolytic polishing
Shape and sizeCan handle large objects, such as tanks, but can not handle complex shapes, small parts and thinCan handle complex shapes, small parts and thin, but limited the electrolytic cell, deal with size restrictions generally less 1kL fermentor before electrolysis.
Processing characteristicsCutting and grinding smooth shiny surface of the metal, stainless steel metal crystals cause deterioration and plastically deformedNot required polishing does not plastically deformed
Processing characteristicsLocal heating of organizational change and abrasive material and grease left on the metal surface, must be dealt with separately, in order to obtain clean surfaceThe finished clean surface
Corrosion resistancePoorThe corrosion resistance of the polished surface
LusterLighter, but more difficult to lastingGloss long duration

2. With chemical polishing comparison:

ProjectChemical polishingElectrolytic polishing
ChemicalsChemicalsUsing electricity instead. Electrolytic polishing longer bath life, long-term use
EnvironmentPolluting gasesNo
Metal surfaceGeneralMore luster
Corrosion resistancePoorThe polished surface of the good corrosion resistance
LusterPoorGloss long duration

3. Range of applications and features:
Electrolytic polished stainless steel in the manufacturing sector of the semiconductor industry and other instruments, kitchen, crafts valves, fittings, pipe fittings, seamless pipe, fluid control components such as stainless steel laser cutting workpiece, can be used to goIn addition to stainless steel laser cutting burr, clear the stainless steel surface oxide to obtain a smooth, clean surface to increase the workpiece corrosion resistance, reflectivity, and does not affect the size of the workpiece precision.

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