Vaccine, animal amd human

  • Industry : Vaccine
  • Microbial technology :
  1. Virus strain vaccine: Produced by mammalian cell culture to produce virus strains, which are inactivated vaccines. (e.g., influenza vaccine, rotavirus vaccine, polio vaccine, smallpox vaccine, hepatitis vaccine, rubella vaccine, varicella vaccine)
  2. mRNA vaccine: Extract viral DNA, inject viral plasmids into E. coli, cultivate and amplify E. coli, extract plasmids for purification, and convert viral DNA into mRNA.
  • Well-known industry references :
    • Teh Seng Pharmaceutical MFG. Co., Ltd.
    • Hyei Yon Tech Co., Ltd.
    • Bio-Jourdeness international group Co., Ltd.
    • United BioPharma, Inc. 
    • Panlabs Taiwan, Ltd.
    • CCSB Holding Co., Ltd.
    • Innocreate Bioscience Co., Ltd.
    • Spiregene Biotech Co., Ltd.
    • Genovior Biotech Corporation
    • Wonder Vax Company Limited

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