Animal Cell Culture Equipment

( fermentor, fermenter, cell culture, cellculture, bioreactor, bioreacter, solid state fermentation, liquid state fermentation, sterile equipment )

MGB-SCV150 Auto Control Animal Cell Culture Equipment
(150L, Sterilization-In-Place)

Nominal Volume150L , Total Volume:126L
Working Volume37.5~120L ( no blind spot tank design.)
Design Pressure and MaterialInner Tank 40psi(SUS316L) , Jacket 50psi(SUS304)
Manufacture LicenseCNS Pressure Vessel License
Surface TreatmentInner tank contact surface (containing welding) Mechanical Manual Polishing #400
outer tank surface (containing welding) Mechanical Manual Polishing#300
Stirring PowerServo Motor Reducer, 1-1/4Hp , rpm6~60
Transmission Unit

Enhanced High Resistance Torque Bearing Transmission Unit and Transmission

Bracket ( SUS304+ Surface EP Processing).

AgitationSegment blade impeller(SUS316L+MP+EP)x1
Mixing blade(SUS316L)x1
Automatic Lifting Unit:Automatic Tank Cover Lifting to Facilitate Tank Cleaning (with security device)
Main Piping

Φ16 port, inoculation port, Φ25 port, electrodes port, etc…

CIP port, sanitary no-neck clamp reserve port(1-1/2")x3, Sanitary no-neck clamp diaphragm pressure gauge port (1-1/2"), exhaust port(1-1/2"), Rupture disc relief port (IMI Marston)

Vessel:exhaust, lighting, Φ25 electrodes port, sampling portO.D.12(MGT), window( 3"), sterilized quick release air port,no-neck sanitary clamp feeding port O.D.12x3

Jacket:Cooling water exits, manometer port, safe valve

AccessoriesLamp,bottom valve(Burket ), sanitary diaphragm speed sensor, speeding Tubing pump x3,
exhaust control valve(SUS316L,Burket), stainless steel pressure gauge(Massflow: Burket) 0.03-30 slpm
stainless steel safe valve, Spirax drainer BTM-7x9.
0.2M2 condenser
Piping Unit:
  1. Utility Piping (SUS304TP,EP)(Sanitary clamp Ferrule) steam pipe 1/2", cooling water1/2", ice water pipe1/2", draining pipe 1".
  2. Gas Piping (Air、N2、O2、CO2) 4 gas (with Burket pneumatic On/Off diaphragm valve) piping Φ12, exhaust pipe 1"(SUS316L sanitary pipe,inside polishing#400+EP.)
  3. Medicine or Product Piping (SUS316L Sanitary quick release pipe clamp.
Auto ControlStainless steel box,12.1" TFT LCD
PLC control, dynamic monitoring, parameter setting,
online monitoring, program(50step,7 control item)
pH、DO correction(touch panel)
stirring : 10~100 RPM (±1rpm)(stepless speeding)、
pH :0.00~14.00 PH (±0.05) (PID) 、
DO :0.0~200.0% (±1%) (PID)) 、
DO CASCADE strategy (linking stirring ventilation control)
Attachment and Documentmaterial certificate, Production Control Table, Welding record,
Operation manual, Equipment outline chart, P&ID chart, layout chart,Electrical loop chart, 3Q...etc.
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