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Pilot-Scale Microbial Fermentation Device (Sterilizatble-In-Place)
Pilot-Scale Microbial Fermentation Device (Sterilizatble-In-Place)
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    ( fermentor, fermenter, cell culture, cellculture, bioreactor, bioreacter, solid state fermentation, liquid state fermentation, sterile equipment )
    Pilot-Scale Microbial Fermentation Equipment (Sterilizatble-In-Place)
            Micro-Giant Technology is a professional company in Taiwan which produces and sells microbial fermentation equipment. MGT has its own factory, also designs and programming by itself. There’s also a culture laboratory to provide any kinds of requirement and assistance for their customers.
         MGB-SV 30~1000 are pilot-scale microbial fermentation device as R&D to small amount producing equipment, suit for school at all levels, research units and industry. Apply to every kind of microbial, algae, animal and plant cell culture.
    • Automated sterilization-in-place
    • Above 70% working volume, no blind spot tank design.
    • Apply to all kinds of batch, fed-batch, continuously-batch, semi-continuous and high-density batch.
    • All the contact surfaces inside the tank by mechanical  MP#400, outside the tank by mechanical MP#300
    • Enhanced High Resistance Torque Bearing Transmission Unit and Transmission Bracket ( SUS304+ Surface EP Processing).
    • Sterilization Online AF Electrode Port ( Height Adjustable, respond to foaming high or low position.) ( High or low level setting, respond to different anti-foaming strategy).
    • Online Repeatable Sterilization Dry-Type Cartridge Pattern Mechanical Shaft Seal.
    • All kinds of high-dispersion bubbles efficiency stir blade & impeller (high kLa value design)  (All of the impellers can adjust height position, respond to trial production).
    • Sanitary Clamp Joint Clips Applied to Pressure Sensor of the Tank Top, Diaphragm Type Manometer Port, Prepare Feed Port of the Tank Top.
    • Shell and Tube Condenser : (Inside SUS316, Outside Piping SUS304)Sanitary Quick Disassembly to Facilitate Cleaning.
    • Φ25 Standard Convertibly Style Electrode Port ( pH port、DO port、preparation electrode port one of each.)
    • Sterilize Quick Release Air Pipe (Anti-Clogging Highly Dispersed Air Sparger ),can remove and clean easily.
    • Quick Release Enhanced Short-Necked Dosing Port, Combustion Implant Bacteria Port, Diaphragm needle injection three intercept form implant bacteria port.
    • No Plot Material Type Spout Dedicated to Bottom of the Tank, Reusable Sterilize Online No Blind Angle Sanitary Tank Bottom Valve, Sterilize Integrated Sampling Valve.
    • High Sensitivity Speed Sensor (1,000Hz) Use PID Automatic Calculation Feedback Compensated Output to Stepless Speed Change Inverter ( Can Control Rotational Speed at ±1rpm ).
    • All Kinds of Stainless Steel Pressure Meter, Full Bore Blow Off Stainless Steel Safety Value.
    • Add Sterilizable Air Intake Filter Domnick hunter made in England,0.01μm Absolute Filtrate Microorganism.
    • Add Cooling Water Y Type Filter, Steam Filter, Steam Pressure Reducing Valve, Air Duplex Preliminary Filtrate Group and Air Pressure Reducing Valve Group.
    • Pipe control unit: sterilization control valve (execute empty, the kill sterilization program), temperature control piping manifolds, sterile ventilation control piping manifolds, exhaust tank pressure piping manifolds the dosing the fed control valve (of four groups /sets), Transfer transmission inoculation control manifolds pipeline.
    • Automatic SIP(Sterilized In Place).
    • Movable Unit Design to facilitate moving or maintaining.
    • Automatic Tank Cover Lifting to Facilitate Tank Cleaning (Add Safety System to prevent glide, no inverse transmission by external force under pressure.)
    • Acid, Alkali Dosing Speed Adjustable Tubing Pump and Acid Alkali Endurably Diaphragm Control Valve x 2, Antifoam Dosing Speed Adjustable Tubing pump and Acid, Alkali Endurably Diaphragm Control Valve x 1, Tubing Pump Online-Setting Function (Dosing or Fed).
    • Fed Tubing Pump Speed Adjustable and Acid, Alkali Endurably Control Valve x 1, Tubing Pump Online-Setting Function (Dosing or Fed).
    • Instrumental Electric Automatic Control Box: Stainless Steel Panel, Water Proof Control Box,15"Touch Screen TFT LCD Full Color Human- Machine Interaction, PLC Main Control Unit, Full Graphic Dynamic Equipment Monitoring Operation Menu, Parameter Setting Menu.


    Name Unit   MGB.SV30 MGB.SV50 MGB.SV100 MGB.SV200 MGB.SV500
    Nominal Volume l   30 50 100 200 500
    Total Volume l   34 56 126 220 620
    Working Volume (about 70%) l   20 35 75 150 400
    The Tank Inner Diameter (D) mm   260 310 400 480 680
    The Tank Depth (Including the lower end fitting) mm   620 730 980 1200 1650
        mm     (D/3) (D/2.5) (D/3) (D/2.5) (D/3) (D/2.5) (D/3) (D/2.5) (D/3) (D/2.5)
    MIxing Blade Diameter     87 104 103 124 133 160 160 192 227 272
    Speed rpm   80~1000 80~800 60~600 60~600 60~550 60~500 40~400
    The Blade Tip Speed Max. m/sec     .3.6 4.4 4.4 5.2 4.2 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.9 5.7
    Unit Volume of Air Flow (0.3kg/cm ² culture) vvm   2.3 2.0 2.0 2.1 2.0
    The Total Electricity Demand 220V/3φ A   8 10 20 35 60
    The Amount of Steam Demand(2kg/cm²G 133°C) kg/hr   20 30 60 130 250
    Air Demand(2kg/cm²G) 1/min   48 75 159 333 848
    Cooling Water Demand(2kg/cm²G 20°C) m³/hr   0.4 0.5 0.8 1.5 2.5
    Continue Caliber Steam A   10 1 15 25 25
    Air A   10 10 15 20 25
    Water A   10 10 15 20 25
    Dosing Equipment   speed adjustable ​​peristaltic pump×3
    Feed Equipment (optional)   speed adjustable ​​peristaltic pump×1
    Dosing Bottle Sterilization   Autoclave
    Fermentor Sterilization    automatic Sterilize in place (SIP)
    Other   automatic tank cover lifting with operator frame
    Response to actual customer demand changes or project design and planning