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  【Caption 1】
      The arrows indicate the four screws, as shown above (1) at <1>, unscrew to remove.
  【Caption 2】  
      Figure (2) indicated by the arrow at <2> screws unscrew removed.
  【Caption 3】  
      Make sure the screws placed in the keyway, as shown in (3) arrows indicate <3>.
  【Caption 4-a】   【Caption 4-b】
      Couplings and motor seat take the distance A (see Figure 4a), the distance A is equal to 340 (mm) - to disk drive seat Cross center distance B (see Figure 4b), the locking screws.
  【Caption 5】    
    Qi Mada seat front (at the arrow indicates <5>) and the motor holder (arrow directions at <6>) of the same side.
  【Caption 6】    
      Tightened on (6) arrows indicate at <1> four screws.
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