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   Gas stripping declining raw culture slot structure improved    Sampling valve structure of microbial culture groove
  cell culture,fermentor   cellculture,fermentor
   Slot chassis structure of the microbial culture (China)     The microbial cultures tank chassis structure improvement
  sterile equipment,fermenter   liquid state fermentation,bioreactor
   Microbial culture tank stirred flow wing structure improvement in China    The microbial culture tank stirred flow Wings structure improvement
  solid state fermentation,cellculture   sterile equipment,liquid state fermentation,
   The silt agent inoculation dried and concentrated device(China)    The silt agent inoculated dried and concentrated device improved
  solid state fermentation,bioreacter   bioreactor,fermenter
   Online fin tube sterilization machine and fin tube structure    Exhaust low temperature and concentrated under reduced pressure device
  fermentor,cellculture   cell culture,liquid state fermentation